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Mr. Cantrell attended and graduated from Whitwell High School, CSTCC and UTC. He graduated from WHS in 1993. On down the road, Mr. Cantrell graduated from CSTCC in 1997. Finally, he graduated from UTC in 2002. Mr. Cantrell majored in Chemistry, Mathematics, and Secondary Education. He holds a teacher certification in Chemistry (9-12) and Mathematics (K-12). Since his teaching career began, Mr. Cantrell has taught all of the following courses: Calculus, Precalculus, Algebra 1, Advanced Algebra II, Advanced Geometry, Foundations II, Physical Science, Chemistry, Advanced Chemistry, Physics, Conceptual Physics, Environmental Science, and ACT Prep. His best quality is that he is to able to relate to students through his love of sports, music, and his easy-going joking attitude. Mr. Cantrell has a B.S. in Chemistry and Mathematics from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Chemistry Pacing Guide

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Trimester #1 – Unit 1

Trimester #2 – Unit 2

Trimester #3 – Unit 3

Periodic Table – End of Course Reference Sheet

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Online Chemistry EOC Practice Test

Click on the image below to take the Online Chemistry EOC Practice Test.
Online Chemistry EOC Practice

This EOC practice test has been broken down into the Tennessee Chemistry Blueprint according to RC1, RC2, RC3, and RC4. The titles below will lead to the individualized RC sections of the Chemistry EOC practice test.